We offer a comprehensive range of Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems to help defend against the threat of vehicle and mobile plant fire. Protection for a variety of vehicles and mobile plant in industries ranging from surface and underground mining, power generation, transportation, waste processing, to forestry and agriculture. A vehicle accident or even a simple incident such as a burst hose or faulty fittings can have devastating consequences.

We can provide: Proven technology. Reduced equipment down-time. Reduced service costs for life of suppression agent.

FirePro fire suppression systems are compact, easy to install and not pressurized, making them a unique fire extinguishing solution for vehicles and plant. FirePro systems are currently protecting critical applications for numerous leading organizations around the world.

The autonomous fire detection and suppression system works by flooding a volume of space, such as a vehicle engine compartment, with a patented fire extinguishing agent of condensed aerosol. The system can be easily retrofitted to existing equipment providing a cost effective solution for vehicle engine compartments.

Amerex Dry Chemical powder systems. Amerex is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fire fighting equipment, with more engineering, manufacturing and quality control experience than anyone else in the industry. Whether it is a loader or a school bus, our systems are designed and installed to suppress a fire before it can reach the operator or passenger areas, quickly and efficiently. Using stored pressure cylinders they can be configured to operate pneumatically or electrically. Nozzles are placed over risk areas to ensure that agent is delivered to the areas where needed.