AS 3772 – Pre-engineered Fire Systems for Cooking Equipment

▪ Documentation must include; details of system/detection and functional parameters
▪ Schematics of installed system, GA drawings of protected area, SDS and manual
▪ Power/Gas Shutoff must be provided to turn off all sources of fuel on activation
▪ Detector required above each protected appliance and at least one inside duct
▪ Minimum of one manual release to be provided and installed in the main path(s) of egress
▪ Control Equipment to advise building’s main fire alarm system to initiate alarm and initiate shut off of fuel sources
▪ Signs must be provided that show location of manual call points, operating instructions and protected area.
▪ Nozzles placed where they are not subject to adverse conditions and have caps to prevent entrance of foreign material
▪ All electrical equipment or installations shall be to AS 3000
▪ Training to be provided for operators of the kitchen area

AS 4674 – Construction and Fit Out of Food Premises

▪ All surfaces must be able to be appropriatley cleaned
▪ All penetrations through walls, sealings, floors, plenum, etc must be appropriately sealed
▪ Piping/conduit concealed in walls, ceilings, OR fixed on brackets 25mm clearance from surfaces to allow for cleaning
▪ Piping/conduit to be of appropriate material to be cleaned and does not absorb grease or other material and be sealed
▪ All Equipment to be built into walls or installed with clearances and must be completely sealed/vermin proofed.

This does not replace a full reading the standards.

▪ Dimensions of the hood
▪ Dimensions of the duct
▪ Height above appliances
▪ Maximum temperature reached inside the plenum under normal circumstances
▪ Number and type of appliances
▪ Where can you place the cylinder and the release module?
▪ Is there a FIP installed? Is connection required to FIP?

For KP and Cobra:
▪ Are there any appliances with enclosed cooking areas? Specific Nozzle may be required
▪ Are there any appliances that require more than one nozzle?
▪ Is the kitchen area ever reconfigured?