Australian Standard Approved fire blankets to AS3504

Fire Blankets are ideal for settings where small fires are a risk such as in kitchens, caravan or a boat. It can be used to wrap around a person or to smother burning clothes. Fire blankets are required in kitchen areas and are rated for use on class F (cooking oils and fats) fires. Larger Fire blankets are also ideal for use in areas such as fabrication workshops and welding bays.

A Fire Blanket cuts off a fire’s supply of oxygen, smothering it either permanently or until more effective fire-fighting equipment can be employed. As with any emergency situation, you should alert others to the fire, evacuate the area and have someone contact the fire department in case the fire cannot be extinguished. You should also ensure that you have an escape route – the fire should not be between you and the exit.

Open the fire blanket and hold it in front of you to shield your body, hands and face from the fire. Cover the burning material completely, ensuring there are no gaps for oxygen to reach the fire. Shut off any gas or other fuel supply involved in the fire, and contact the fire department if you have not done so already. Leave the blanket in place for at least 30 minutes to allow the oil or fat to cool.

Always read the instructions for your Fire Blanket before use. Fire Blankets are not designed for re-use! It is essential that you dispose of your Fire Blanket once it has been employed.