Amerex offers two alternative systems to meet the industry’s varying needs.
AMEREX KP RESTAURANT FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEM – provides appliance-specific coverage that typically offers lower initial cost. The KP system is ideal for uses where appliance location is fixed such as in fast food chains, casual dining, cruise ships and school cafeterias.

AMEREX ZD RESTAURANT FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEM – adds greater flexibility by letting you reconfigure a kitchen or move appliances without moving nozzles. Because of its adaptability, this system is the most cost effective choice over the life of the system. The system was designed with fine dining, culinary schools, military facilities, hotels and hospitals in mind.

AGENT – is Amerex KP liquid fire suppressant, a potassium acetate based solution that suppresses cooking grease fires through both saponification and cooling. The agent has a pH of 9 or less and will not harm stainless steel surfaces under normal conditions.

AGENT CYLINDERS: (2.75, 3.75, 4.75 and 6 GALLON) – The agent cylinders are mild steel cylinders, tested to 3300 kPa. The agent cylinder/discharge valve assembly is fully factory charged with Amerex KP liquid agent and pressurized to 1650 kPa.

MECHANICAL RELEASE MODULE (MRM) – The mechanical release module is the spring-loaded type using a mechanical input and electrical, mechanical or pneumatic outputs. It is capable of actuating from one to ten agent cylinder/valve assemblies using one nitrogen cylinder and is operated either automatically by the detection network or manually by a remote manual pull station. The MRM enclosure, available in either stainless steel or red painted steel, has a system status indicator and a window to observe the nitrogen cylinder pressure. The enclosure has provisions for applying tamper seals after final testing or periodic maintenance. The MRM has two SPDT micro switches pre-installed. MRM Linear Fusible Link detection consists of four major components – conduit connector, cable segment beginning and end, conduit box, and link to link cable segment. The link to link cable segment ensures that the links are equally spaced at 24” center to center for whole hood detection.

PNEUMATIC RELEASE MODULE (PRM) – offers superior detection by using a linear pneumatic detection system. The PRM detection system consists of the PRM, thermal responsive tubing and end of line fitting. The tubing is pressurized through a small “accumulator” inside the enclosure, routed throughout the hazard area. When exposed to a fire condition, the tubing ruptures, relieving all of the pressure in the tubing and accumulator thus firing the system using a nitrogen cylinder. The PRM comes complete with connector for up to two remote mechanical manual pull stations, two SPDT micro switches. It is capable of firing up to 10 – agent cylinder assemblies and actuating up to two gas valves. The tubing is sold separately and is cut to length. Stainless or red enclosure.