Hyperbaric Water Fire Extinguishers

Specifications Water
Model 240H
UL Rating 2A
Capacity 9.4 Lit
Shipping Specifications
Dimensions mm 625 x 230 x 180
Product Specifications
Range m 13 – 17
Discharge Time Sec 55
Applicator Hose & Nozzle
Standard Bracket Wall Bracket
Model 240H utilizes the cooling, soaking and penetrating effect of a 45-55 ft. stream of WATER. The 55 sec. discharge time makes it very effective for inexperienced operators for use on Class A fires.

Designed for use in manned pressure vessels/hyperbaric chambers. • Suitable for use in chambers simulating 65m (225 ft). (depth)

In Western Australia, South Australia and other areas with a high level of chloride content water it must be corrosion protected by using the Model 507 charge.

    ▪   Polished High Grade Stainless Steel Cylinders
    ▪   All Metal Valve Construction
    ▪   Conforms to Test Standards CAN/ULC-S507 – ANSI/UL626 & CAN/ULC-S508 – ANSI/UL711
    ▪   Protected by two safety relief valves for high and low pressure variations.