General Definitions Pipe Network Definitions
PLENUM: The space defined by the filters and the portion of the hood behind the filters.

PERIMETER INCHES: The sum of the measurement of each side of a rectangular duct opening. (Example: Duct opening measuring 18” x 9” would have 54 perimeter inches [18 + 18 + 9 + 9 = 54])

DUCT: A continuous passageway for the transmission of air and vapors which, in addition to the containment components themselves, may include duct fittings, plenums and/or other items or air handling equipment.

HOOD: A device provided for a cooking appliance(s) to direct and capture grease-laden vapors and exhaust gases, and constructed within the requirements of NFPA 96.

SUPPLY LINE: That portion of the agent distribution network piping that runs from the agent cylinder assembly outlet or distributor block to the first tee.

SUPPLY BRANCH LINE: All pipe and fittings leaving the first tee in the system and ending with the last nozzle in the last nozzle branch line.

NOZZLE BRANCH LINE: All pipe and fittings leading from the supply branch tee to a system nozzle.

Description KP 275 KP 375 KP 475 KP 600
Complete Cylinder Part No. 16921 13334 17379 15196
Max Flow Points 8 11 14 18
Height mm 600 630 760 700
Diameter mm 230 254 254 305
Capacity 10.4 L 14.2 L 18.2 L 23.2 L
Weight Full 25.06 kg 29.25 kg 36.4 kg 51.70 kg
Valve Part No. 12284 12284 12284 15060
Bracket Part Mo. 16920 16920 16920 23184
Recharge Agent Part Mo. 16924 12866 17450 15416
Cylinder Brackets
Part No. 16920 Part No. 23184
MODEL 275 / 375 / 475 Cylinder Brackets
Material – Steel Painted Red
Stainless Steel Belly Strap
MODEL 600 Cylinder Bracket
Material – Steel Painted Red
Stainless Steel Belly Strap
Part No. 12284 Part No. 15060
The machined stainless steel discharge Gauge valve is actuated pneumatically by the Mechanical Release Module. The valve assembly has a ¼ inch NPT (female) actuation port and a discharge adapter with threads to accept a flexible discharge hose or swivel adapter.
Stainless Steel Valve
Pneumatic Actuator is Part of Valve
New Check Valve Insures complete
discharge of cylinder contents
Plated Forged Brass Valve
Gauge with Gauge Guard
Electroless Nickel Plated
Pneumatic Actuator Needed for Each Valve

Upright Broiler, Single Burner
0.5 Flow Points

Appliances, Plenum
1.0 Flow Point

Duct & Transitional Duct Coverage
1.0 Flow Point

Duct, Solid Fuel Appliance
1.5 Flow Points

Fryer, Griddle
2.0 Flow Points

4 Burner Range, Griddle
2.0 Flow Points

Back Shelf Nozzle
0.33 Flow Points

Nozzle Swivel Adaptor

Standard Nozzle Cap

High Temperature Cap