High & Low Pressure CO2 Transfer Pump
PN 4G59456
Large High Pressure Transfer Pump
PN 4G0010
Mini High Pressure Transfer Pump
PN 4G59678
Clean Agent Recovery Recycle System
PN 4G59274
FM 200 Filling Station
PN 4G59523

▪ CO2 Microfill System – Fills CO2 Cylinders
▪ Fill from High Pressure Tanks
  – Min Supply pressure 5200kPa – 750psi
▪ Fill from Low Pressure Tanks
  – Min Supply Pressure 1725KPa – 250psi
▪ Filling at Low Press air supply requires dryer to -40 Dewpoint
▪ Filling rate 2-30kgs per minute.
▪ Fill rate controlled by gas flow rate of 25cfm
▪ Requires 120psi – 25cfm Dry Compressed Air
▪ Max Outlet pressure 1750psi

▪ Requires 120psi – 25cfm Dry Compressed Air
▪ Fill CO2 3.5kg in less than 30 seconds
▪ Fills from High Pressure Cylinders Only
▪ Min Supply press. from Tank 5200kPa – 750psi
▪ Suitable for large volume filling operations.
▪ CO2 adaptors available

Single Action Liquid Driven Mini CO2 Transfer Pump. Designed for the fire extinguisher service industry for filling CO2 cylinders, this unit is also ideal for the Home Brew Industry, Paint Ball Operators and filling Soda Stream canisters.
Fills from High Pressure Cylinders Only- Min Supply pressure from Tank 5200kPa – 750psi.
▪ Small volume only – Fills 4 x 6.0 Kg CO2 per day.
▪ Requires Minimum 10-15cfm 50-100psi
▪ In-line moisture trap & regulator required with air supply. (Not Supplied)

▪ Transfer Efficiency 99%
▪ Transfers liquid, Vapour and Nitrogen
▪ Transfers Liquid – 16 lbs/min, Vapour – 2 lbs/min
▪ Filters particulate matter and Indicts moisture
▪ Operates on compressed air 100-120psi 20cfm
▪ Handle Halon, FM200, Novec 1230, Fe25, Fe125
▪ Can handle high pressure(500psi) Novec 1230
▪ CE Approved

▪ Filling Station for FM200 cylinders
▪ Compressed air operated pump
▪ Contributes to a UL-Listed FM200 Filling Station
▪ Includes –
Nitrogen charging regulator
Clean Agent Recharge/Recover System
Valve Actuating regulator
Low Pressure Air regulator
“Legal for Sale” Scale
Clean Agent Leak Detector>