Maintenance of 3 Way Valve

This valve used in all Gas Transfer Rigs

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Packing Adjustment Tool for 43 Series Ball Valve.
Part No. MS-WK-43

Caution: Before removing any installed valve from the system, you must:
• Depressurize the System
• Cycle the Valve
• Purge the Valve
Remove the black handle off the valve. Locate the Allen wrench opening on the handle and loosen to remove the black handle.

Once the black handle is removed, install the Packing Adjustment Tool.

Adjust the packing by turning the packing bolt clockwise in 1/16 turn increments until leak-tight performance is achieved.
Remove the Wrench Adapter/Packing Tool and re-assemble the valve handle. Test the valve for proper function and operation. Repeat steps if leak is still detected.