The goal is to protect assets and critical components important to the safety of people and the facility. Fire suppression systems are used in areas that are volatile, critical or contain sensitive equipment where non-fire damage from water is as detrimental to the equipment or materials as fire.

A variety of suppression system agents are available to suit any application: powder, foam, aerosol, or water based systems may be appropriate for some applications in others inert and halon-based gases for total flooding are used. Industrial and Commercial Risks come in all shapes and sizes and the selection of the most appropriate system for any specific application is a complex decision. The right solution will provide the most appropriate protection as well as the most appropriate cost implications.

FirePro systems combine the benefits of the other available fire suppression technologies while eliminating most trade-offs. Our systems are effective and efficient on A,B,C,F classes of fire. They are electrically non-conductive and non-corrosive and are harmless to people and the environment.

FirePro fire suppression systems are robust, dependable, autonomous and effective. They are also easily serviced in the field and thus minimize the amount of downtime and lost productivity in case of a fire incident. They can also be especially designed for particular applications that are too difficult or too costly to protect with other technologies.

Amerex is a leading manufacturers of fire fighting equipment, with more engineering, manufacturing and quality control experience than anyone else in the industry. We can protect your equipment from fire with a suppression system designed specifically for you. Industry has many potential fire hazards. Amerex systems can protect your equipment against them with a fixed fire suppression system. Amerex Fire Suppression Systems are designed to warn the operator and suppress the fire, protecting both equipment and employees.