Fire & Rescue services are constantly under pressure to put out fires while reducing firefighter risk. Deployment of FirePro HERO in an enclosed space is proven to buy precious time by reducing the temperature, suppressing and or even extinguishing a fire; ultimately helping to save lives, property and the environment.
Model FPH-0200 FPH-0500 FPH-1000
Net Weight(g) 200 500 1000
Gross Weight(g) 1,840 1,910 2,240
Discharge Outlets 1 1 1
Discharge Time(s) 5-10 10-15 20-25
Discharge Length 2 m 2 m 3 m
Dimensions – mm 150 x 84 diam. 150 x 84 diam. 200 x 84 diam.
Product Image

• A first response fire fighting condensed aerosol manual unit
• Designed to buy time for fire fighters by reducing temperature & slowing escalation
• Used without exposure of the firefighter to fire
• Manual Pin Activated unit (7-8 seconds)

There is no claim that the FirePro HERO will extinguish a fire or prevent re-ignition. It will knock down a fire, reduce temperature which buys time for fire fighting operations