Sydney Harbour Ferries
Location: Australia Application: Engine Rooms Industry: Marine

Incat Tasmania’s Hobart Shipyard has been awarded a contract to build new ferries to operate on Sydney’s Inner Harbour. The vessels will be spacious with comfortable inside seating, outdoor viewing areas, a large walk around deck and additional features for passengers; including Wi-Fi access and real-time journey information, and charging stations for electronic devices. The Incat Tasmania Pty Ltd shipyard at Prince of Wales Bay in Hobart Tasmania has approx 250 staff. Incat has completed ferries for international operations.

The Task
Design, supply, install and maintain tailor-made fire detection and suppression systems for the engine rooms of the new catamaran design. The fire protection systems must be compact, reliable, long lasting and efficient. They must also be able to protect dissimilar combustible materials and thus classes of fire. The extinguishing system must be designed according to both local and internationally recognized standards and regulations.

Why FirePro?
The modularity and compactness of the FirePro fire extinguishing system were two of the decisive factors in its selection for the protection of the engine rooms of the vessel. Also pivotal in equal measure of importance for the selection process were firstly the ability of the FirePro system to tackle A, B, E classes of fire and secondly the minimal maintenance costs required over its long lifetime. Lastly and completing the FP system’s contract clinching attributes were its Marine Approvals and its environmentally friendly nature.

Risks Involved & Consequences
These ferries form part of the public transport network for the city. Sydney Harbour effectiveley splits the growing city and the ferry services are an important mode of transport. The ferries are work horses and need long, efficient and reliable systems. Inevitably there is, an increase in fire risks originating in equipment malfunctioning. Failure to adequately protect against fire in these situations can cause serious damage and have dire consequences.

Results & Implementation
FirePro total flooding fire suppression systems installed in both Enginr rooms on each ferry to protect critical propulsion equipment and offer peace of mind to operators in case of a fire emergency. With no piping required and no pressurized cylinders the systems were easily and quickly installed without posing a threat to personnel or the environment. In short FirePro then, has effectively reduced operational hazards and financial losses due to down times for all stakeholders.