Electrical Control Rooms
Location: Australia Application: Electrical Control Rooms

Electrical Control Rooms at some of Australia’s largest mining and infrastructure companies operating in many areas and regions.

The Task
Design, install and a fire suppression system that will protect the critical electrical control equipment room enclosures. The enclosures have diverse fire risks and therefore, the technology needed to be effective against multiple classes of fire. It should also require as little maintenance as possible and be in line with Health & Safety and protection of the environment (HSE) strategies. Likewise, the systems needed to autonomously monitor and protect the enclosures from various fire scenarios without human intervention.

Why FirePro?
Firstly, the FPC Compound found inside the FirePro generators is effective against various classes of fire (A, B, E, and F). Secondly, the compactness and modularity of the system allows fire engineers to customise the design and efficiency according to project mission and space requirements. Furthermore, the FPC poses no active threat to operators and will remain environmentally friendly even after activation which is in line with current environmental policies. As a final point, the generators have a 15-year lifetime cycle and no re-filling requirements thus very low maintenance.

Risks Involved & Consequences
A fire from a electrical equipment failure in an unprotected room can rapidly destroy all equipment. This equipment is critical for the smooth and safe operations of other equipment down the line. Health & Safety officers then are required to protect and mitigate negative collateral effects across these spaces.

Results & Implementation
With no piping to install and comprehensive compliance with standards and regulations the FirePro system has been installed successfully. It currently protects dangerous goods from fire and will proactively extinguish it without any collateral harmful effects to personnel or premises.