Electrical & Utility Cabinets
Location: Australia Application: Electrical & Utility Cabinets

Electrical and Utility Cabinets at some of Australia’s largest mining and infrastructure companies.

The Task
Design, install and a fire suppression system that will protect the critical electrical control equipment room enclosures. The enclosures contain diverse fire risks and and are normally contained and separated in cabinets. FirePro allows the engineers and designers to protect individual cabinets, which can be installed on a risk based analysis. The benefit is a much lower cost, and any discharge of the system is localised to a specific cabinet, rather than a whole room. The costs of replacement of equipment due to the fire and re-establishing the fire system are much lower.reviewed therefore, the technology needed to be effective against multiple classes of fire. It should also require as little maintenance as possible and be in line with Health & Safety and protection of the environment (HSE) strategies. Likewise, the systems needed to autonomously monitor and protect the enclosures from various fire scenarios without human intervention.

Why FirePro?
Firstly, the compactness and modularity of the system allows fire engineers to customise the design and efficiency according to project mission and space requirements. Cabinets are used as a method of separating and isolating risks. Secondly, the FPC Compound found inside the FirePro generators is effective against various classes of fire (A, B, E, and F). As a final point, the generators have a 15-year lifetime cycle and no re-filling requirements thus very low maintenance.

Risks Involved & Consequences
A fire in an electrical or utility room often starts within a cabinet. This is normally a result that control equipment or other dangerous goods are normally kept in a cabinet. The installation of fire protection system within the cabinet allows the fire to be addressed while the fire is small, rather than waiting for a room protection system to become involved. This equipment is critical for the smooth and safe operations of other equipment down the line, so reducing damage from a fire and limiting down stream impact is a critical outcome.

Results & Implementation
The installation of FirePro units within the cabinets meant that there were no penetrations made to any of the cabinets. This preserves the integrity of the cabinet – which in many cases was rated as explosion proof. With no piping to install and comprehensive compliance with standards and regulations the FirePro system has been installed successfully. It currently protects critical equipment from fire and will proactively extinguish it without any collateral harmful effects to personnel or premises.