Location: Europe Dealer: FirePro Benelux Application: Dangerous Goods Industry: Warehouse & Storage

Agrowin BV was established in 1989 from the merger of Agrarian Union Vulcan and Winterswijk. Since then it specializes in the marketing, consulting and sales of pesticides, seeds, fertilizers and other supplies for agriculture and horticulture purposes. The company has a number of distribution warehouses containing hazardous goods that pose obvious fire threats.

FirePro Systems Used

The Task
Design, supply, install, commission and maintain a reliable fire detection and fast reaction fire extinguishing system of storage warehouses containing combustible materials. The system must be designed under the requirements of PGS-15 for the Storage of Packaged Hazardous Substances and be effective and efficient for A, B, C, F classes of fire as the material for fuel is varied.
It is also essential that the system reacts swiftly so that ultimately the least disruption of operations is caused that by extension will limit costs even further

Why FirePro?
PGS -15 storehouses traditionally used foam systems for fire protection, however, as these systems had several operational and maintenance challenges, the search for a viable alternative was initiated. The characteristics displayed by FirePro technology’s systems are in full compliance to the PGS-15 standards. Issues such the suitability to explosive environments, hugely effective fire extinguishing capability, easy maintenance and modularity were decisive factors in applying this technology for the needs faced in this particularly demanding industry and application.

Risks Involved & Consequences
The dangerous substances and explosive atmospheres regulations require risks from their storage indoors to be controlled and provide means of protection in case of foreseeable incidents. The fire risks are increased when there are sources of ignition such as electrical equipment which together with human error are the major causes of fire. The fire protection’s objectives are to ensure the safe
evacuation of personnel and to limit product and structural damage.

Results & Implementation
With no piping to install and comprehensive compliance with standards and regulations the FirePro system has been installed successfully. It currently protects dangerous goods from fire and will proactively extinguish it without any collateral harmful effects to personnel or premises.